Worklist last updated: 3.9.2004          
Task Comments Who Priority Status Type When
Get the rigging surveyed by Brion Toss and crew this FRI W MUST D    
Buy spare parts for plumbing need hoses 3/4'' and 1 1/2'' W MUST   supply  
replace both anchor shackles round hoop will need to be punched out (have a replacement) W MUST   job  
spare hoses for raw water circuit must be marine grade and wire reinforced W MUST   supply  
Buy spare parts for engine consider buying a cruise kit for the perkins ($850).  At minimum need: extra belt, filters, impeller, upper and lower gasket set, lift pump (have extra), fuel washer kit.  Consider -- fresh water and salt water pumps. W MUST   supply  
Buy spare parts for the current alternator new brushes W MUST   supply  
Buy spare packing material for gland  gore tex -- need to measure. W MUST   supply  
Buy then label all spare parts bins have two medium bins currently S MUST   job 17-Aug
Change the oil in the gearbox buy more ATF W MUST   job  
replace bobstay and remove turnbuckle PT trip Toss MUST      
replace bobstay shrouds PT trip Toss MUST      
replace boomkin shrouds PT trip Toss MUST      
add toggle to upper end of forestay PT trip Toss MUST      
replace all halyards PT trip TOSS QUAL   job  
Tef-Gel mast pin PT trip Toss MUST      
replace throughbolts and clevis pins on mast PT trip Toss MUST      
replace existing main sheet arrangement with traveler system located in front of the dodger PT trip Toss MUST      
replace lifelines  PT trip (will use Spectra line) Toss MUST      
tune the standing rigging at the dock with the gauges and then at sea.  Did this once already in March. SW MUST   job  
Devise reefing system with help from Brion Toss for mains'il tack this turns out to be pretty straightforward -- we just need to add a reefing horn on the gooseneck and buy or build a cunningham to flatten the leech of the sail. W MUST   job  
Test the storm sails -- trys'il and storm jib we may not actually have a storm jib for the head stay.  If this is the case we should buy one at Schautthauer or North sails before taking off SW MUST   skill  
Test the reacher as part of the rigging survey Brion found that the block for the tack line needs to be run outside the forestay.  Also, need to switch the yankee halyard with the drifter (after a crane is installed on the front of the masthead) SW MUST   skill  
Fix the play in the tiller designed the part.  Need to get the materials (ertalyte PET) cut in Seattle. Update: work currently in progress at clear-cut plastics in Fremont.  The part is being made out of UHMW plastics instead of PET, however.  If this doesn't work we can get a new tiller from Bud. W MUST D    
Replace zinc in heat exchanger stewart's marine -- these are 3/4'', Roland has these as well. W MUST D    
Replace all zincs (exterior) another haulout task SW MUST D    
Extra parts for gooseneck also needs to be disassembled and put back together with blue loktite. Doesn't use any nuts -- only pins W MUST D    
change all fuel filters do this a week or two before heading to Neah Bay -- the secondary filter requires bleeding the lines          
Coat all standing rigging, turnbuckle threads etc with anhydrous lanolin did this in March -- will need to do it again before taking off S MUST   job 2-Aug
clean and inspect ALL sails take the sails to Shautthauer sails down the street -- we will clean the sails ourselves.  6.25 -- half done. S MUST D job  
change raw water impeller   W MUST D    
Install new shore power inlet have the parts W MUST   job  
Boarding ladder I think we're better off getting or making the rope kind at first W MUST   supply  
Buy a spare handle for the windlass get a piece of aluminum tubing W MUST   supply  
Buy a spare ignition fisheries supply W MUST   supply  
Top off propane before heading to neah bay W MUST   supply  
varnish saloon table high-gloss finish/varnish -- have varnish S QUAL   job  
varnish cabin sole satin-finish -- need to use non-skid powder in stratigic areas W MUST D    
Oil all interior teak woods have lemon oil S MUST D    
Buy another pigtail for propane sure marine W MUST D    
test propane switch once we have another pigtail installed W MUST D    
Find out how to override propane solenoid if necessary look this up W MUST   job  
replace/fix float switch in small bilge pump Bilge (aft) needs to be thoroughly cleaned.  Large float switch is not mounted to anything and the cable is too short -- a splice needs to be added an mounted to bottom of bilge.  Small float pump is not working and needs to be replaced.  Note that pumps are connecte directly to batteries and will need to be physically disconnected before work begins. W MUST   job  
Test and replace all exterior lights as necessary also get replacement lights for everything SW MUST   job  
Clean the air filter for the engine and replace oil  need to get some solvent for this job W MUST D    
have sanitug steam clean the bilges call Matt Reichl W MUST D    
Top off fuel tanks Shilshole and again at Neah bay SW MUST   supply 2-Aug
Top off water tanks final top off at Neah bay SW MUST   supply 2-Aug
inspect all lifelines and service broken swag on forward stbd side needs to be replaced W MUST D    
varnish and epoxy bowsprit platform use neat west system epoxy for two coat S MUST   job  
Buy extra zincs two diver's dreams; what size? S MUST   supply 20-Oct
Print out spare parts list for Beth Leonard's book   W MUST   job  
paint the name on the dinghy research best paint -- IN PROGRESS S MUST D    
get the dinghy outboard serviced ballard inflatable -- this is a moot issue if we buy a new outboard motor (see below) W MUST   supply  
cancel Warren's cell phone ATT wireless W MUST D    
finalize plans for Ha-Ha 2004 crew talk to IGS SW MUST   job  
clean all strainers both are new -- there's one in the engine room and one under the head. Close seacocks before checking! S MUST   job 2-Aug
remove the extra halyard for the main and replace with messenger lines the line is currently getting weathered unnecessarily S MUST D    
buy spare parts for rigging need long wire and some way of swaging terminals -- also should find out how to use sta-lok terminals W MUST   supply  
Cancel mailbox may not need to do this if we keep S&S for our mail forwarding S MUST D    
Cancel internet service W MUST D    
Cancel moorage   S MUST D    
Get the MOM8 overboard module re-certified contacted their support team but it looks like the closest 'official' service center is in Alameda S MUST   supply 21-Aug
Buy small scale NOAA chart of Seattle to SF at Captain's S MUST   supply  
Buy charts from Bellingham chart printers (3/4 scale) for trip through PV can do this in SD W MUST   supply  
Cash and travelers checks before leaving for Mexico in the fall S MUST   supply 20-Oct
cancel all credit cards except Amex and boat card (warren)   SW MUST D    
mount diesel and water jerry jugs   S MUST   job  
mount dinghy   W MUST   job  
make snubber this will be done as soon as my splices are better W MUST D    
buy enough oil for three changes 30W S MUST D supply  
sell s/v Shedonist ??? SW MUST D    
sell Jetta in April while Steph's in Spain W MUST D    
buy a cable and lock for the dinghy bike shop? Combo lock S MUST D supply  
replace sheered bolt on boom gallows Tacoma screw -- also need to pickup a plastic bolt sizer tool W MUST   job  
buy a wooden dowel (1/2'' by 36'') to use with fuel tanks limback lumber W MUST D    
put waypoints into GPS   W MUST   job  
secure laptop to chart table   S MUST D    
mount liferaft on deck ??? W MUST   job  
seize all deck shackles   S MUST D job  
Service all fire extinguishers there's a place right down the block were we can take 'em S MUST   supply  
change billing address to Parry's in CA   S MUST D    
emergency bilge pump handle  I think the one for the discharge pump in the head will work S MUST D    
replace alternator belt a turnbuckle works best for this -- 6.21, starting to squeal upon startup so definitely time for some tightening.  Also, inspect for wear and replace if necessary (Stewart's Marine in Ballard) W MUST   job  
spare alternator belt stewart's marine W MUST   supply  
Get flexible solar panels add at least two more in the 2 amp range -- may be possible to just plug these into cigarette 12v plug (ABS Alaskan) W MUST D    
Get towable generator ABS Alaskan W MUST D    
tighten fasteners for steering vane get some locktite on all the bolts W MUST   job  
install or make preventer for boom ??? W MUST D job  
Replace gate valve on exhaust replace with ball valve SW MUST   job  
First AID KIT compile list from Leonard book; assign prescriptions to Warren S MUST   supply  
Get any other prescription meds   S MUST D    
Get the diesel survey call mark W MUST D    
talk to Jill about EPIRB   S MUST D supply  
replace the light in the main compass Captains on 15th ave S MUST   supply  
mount RADAR reflector   SW MUST   job  
tools from snap-on need feeler guages and a 3/8'' torque wrench W MUST   supply  
buy and rig jack lines (test with harnesses)   S MUST D supply  
clean, sanitize water tanks   S MUST D    
put together spare bolts/fastener's box Tacoma screw W MUST   supply  
Create a list of MUSTs based on the survey that Brion Toss completed for the boat in Feb Brion should be sending along his complete list by the middle of March W MUST D    
grease seacocks remember to do this in the yard during the maxprop install S QUAL   job  
Repack stuffing box need GFO goretext packing material.  Need to measure proper size (diameter of packing threads minus shaft divded by two). W QUAL   job  
inspect cutlass bearing at haulout -- we also have a spare on hand E QUAL      
add mast butt landing PT trip W QUAL      
Get rid of mast steps, fill holes, add new folding mast steps at top of mast someday W QUAL      
replace tangs with larger, bushed ones PT trip W QUAL      
remove lifter stays PT trip W QUAL      
replace spreader tips with seizings someday W QUAL      
replace halyards (main, staysi'l, yankee) with sta-set-x -- keep the new yachtbraid one for use with the drifter PT trip W QUAL      
add 2:1 purchase to the outhaul someday W QUAL      
re-engineer the reef-clews to deadend properly (see survey notes)   W QUAL      
replace backstay with 1/4'' wire someday W QUAL      
Add block for snubber at end of bowsprit talking to harken about the right block size for this -- need to put eye pad in as well.  It's not clear whether it best to leave the block attached when not in use, however. W QUAL      
Look into new Yamaha outboard 9.9HP at Jacobsen's Marine W QUAL D    
talk to Boat US about a rider for the coast US coast will only coast a bit more W QUAL      
Pick up a new Bruce anchor for the main want part number 'bruba30' for 44# Bruce ($263 at -- we should keep the CQR for awhile it seems to work OK W  QUAL      
find a better storage for Fortress anchor there's a mounting for this in the drawer on the stbd side next to the companion way ladder W QUAL      
consider installing 'down' switch for windlass we have an extra switch, just needs to be installed W QUAL      
Find place to permanently mount main compass current system requires bracket for compass in companion way hatch board S QUAL D    
Buy a spare alternator consider and electrodyne W QUAL      
Install reading lights in the main cabin parts on order S QUAL D    
Flush heat exchanger for the Perkins Greenwood radiator (should cost around $65 -- a new HE is around $300) W QUAL      
Replace prop with MaxProp someday maybe E QUAL      
Wax hull haulout SW QUAL D    
install speed transducer this can be done when the maxprop is being installed -- can theoretically be done while boat is in the water W QUAL      
Get an impeller puller Seadog makes one I think W QUAL D    
mount a light in engine room   W QUAL D    
Get an alternator tensioner rig one with a turnbuckle W QUAL      
Get a rig tension gauge these come in different sizes -- here are our standing rig wire sizes: 9/32” shrouds and stays, 3/8” bobstay, and 7/32” boomkin and bowsprit shrouds.   West Marine has these in stock ($150 for the larger one and $79 for the smaller one).  Note: we're planning to replace the backstay with a smaller gauge of (1/4'') per Brion's notes. update: ordered these two gauges from and saved $100. S QUAL D    
extra screws and grease for maxprop get these from Roland -- also need another zince S QUAL D    
Wax topsides   SW QUAL D    
Get stowaway bag for Fortress anchor   S QUAL      
Rewire stereo also get new speakers W QUAL      
replace hose clamp rings on stern tube   W QUAL      
Finish conversion of running lights to LED have all the parts, have done the stern light already W MUST D job  
Galvanize all chain anchor rodes need to sort out the transport issues with this one SW QUAL      
Add two more dorade vents aft this could wait 'til so-cal but will be necessary in the tropics SW QUAL      
install shunt switch for solar panels need to do this before the tropics -- may not need one if total amps for charging are less than 4.5 W QUAL      
buy two snatch blocks these are REALLY expensive -- but we need to heavy duty ones to use with the para-anchor.  We could also use one on the bowsprit for the anchor snubber S QUAL      
get a towable water generator Get this at ABS Alaskan ($788) -- great article here:            
buy extra boat soap   S QUAL      
spare parts for outboard (fuel filter and 2 stroke oil) ballard inflatable S QUAL      
rebed any suspicious deck fittings the bolt thru the turtle hatch on the stbd side leaks S QUAL      
change engine impeller and get a new one from Stewart's marine -- we currently have two spares W QUAL D    
change engine coolant also bring extra coolant W QUAL      
tune autopilot look this up in the manual SW QUAL      
make a wind scoop there are plans for this in one of the L&L books S QUAL      
investigate cost of health insurance SALTS S QUAL      
Going away party planning and invites where should this be held? Cost? SW QUAL D    
find and test sea anchor ??? SW QUAL      
purchase Baja filter for fuel fisheries supply S QUAL      
clean all sunbrella canvas find canvas shop near the marina S QUAL      
new mattress ??? S QUAL D    
anchor chain brush this is really important since we don't plan to have a wash down system S QUAL      
Buy and fit a riding sail ??? S NICE      
reeve halyards internally in the mast -- will require cutting hole in mast NICE items from TOSS rigging survey W NICE      
add a spinnaker crane to top of mast for drifter   W NICE      
replace running backstays with high moduluous rope   W NICE      
Consider SST forestays'il   W NICE      
calibrate wind instruments look this up in the manual S NICE      
experiment with stereo interfaces to Ipod if nothing else could buy a cheaper deck w/tape player -- note: there appears to be an 'aux IN' on the back of the stereo.  If this is the case we just need to get an RCA to Ipod cable. S NICE      
mount switch for audio (for inside/outside/all listening)   W NICE      
Varnish everything else… companion way hatch frames, interior items etc -- IN PROGRESS 6/17 (Steph) S NICE      
Get _MEX WX_ book S NICE D    
consider fuel gauge options could got with a pnumatic 'tank tender' system for $1000 to use with water tanks as well W NICE D    
get a telephone calling card ??? S NICE      
consider a new, more powerful dingy motor can we do 9.9HP? W NICE D    
ratlines under bowsprit need some plans first W NICE      
epoxy dry rot in forward hatch   S NICE      
figure out how to engineer forward hatch for full range of opening Replacing the existing hatch with one that has a lower profile may also work SW NICE      
Replace interior lights with Alpenglow models ordered these on 2/24 W NICE D    
Get a quote from North Sails for a new suit of sails quote out on 3.9.2004 to Seattle loft W NICE      
Take mains'il to Quantum for repair call Quantum for time to come in S MUST   supply 19-Jul
finalize Hansen Bros. storage move stored items at Zunkers' to perm. storage; go through perm. storage to eliminate some items. 8/23, 10:00 am SW MUST   job 23-Aug
install toilet paper holder   S MUST   job  
apply rubber cement to base of all ceramic dishes   S MUST   job  
buy cigarette plug 'doubler' allows us to use two plugs at once S MUST   supply