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12/20/2007 09:14 AM -0500

For the curious, here's a link to s/v Mico Verde's current worklist:

the master worklist...

12/20/2007 09:14:17 AM

a massive update of the MICOVERDE  web is currently underway -- stay tuned!


12/20/2007 09:14:17 AM

Stephanie is now blogging -- share her adventures here:


12/20/2007 09:14:17 AM

Halloween has already come and gone but it was a blast (the last year was really a non event surprisingly).  Steph and I hit the Strand party first in the evening (see photos below).

In case you can't tell Steph and I are "socket and plug" respectively (we suffer the single people our couples costumes gladly -- previously we were Andy Warhol and can o' soup).

Miguel (aka Chilly) and crew for three's company (I think there was actually a 'dead celebs' theme at the party that we missed).