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Mico Verde
Preface to Season Four

Vuda Point, Fiji
June 15, 2006

(Wojo) It had to happen sooner or later. Inevitably we would return to a 9 to 5 lifestyle to make more “freedom chips” if we wanted to keep going. When Mico was in Mexico there were many nights I’d lie in my bunk and think “… I know we’ll have to go back to work someday but it won’t be tomorrow …” So tomorrow finally came.

The time stateside passed very quickly, and without too much incident. Well, there was ONE night of a two AM visit to the Swedish emergency room in Capital Hill after some Australian rules hot tubbing but that hardly counts. We even got a great skin stapler out of the deal for only $4000.

There were some very funny reactions various people we worked with had about our return. Some just wanted to hear sea stories and some were dying for us to admit that we were simply defeated by having to return to work and not just “retire” forever. Seriously, I actually had a conversation at the office one day with a guy interested in cruising such as this. A friend introduced me said something about our sailing jaunt cross the south Pacific last year and the guy just looked at me and said “…well that’s nice, but you know when I do that I’m never coming back …”

There were a million little details, as so happens back in the world, upon our arrival and departure to our working lives. Going back was easier than we’d imagined. We started work the day after returning to Seattle, and were in our own apartment within five days. Fast forward six months and we had a long exit month to get all spares for the next leg and put everything back as it was last time we were out.

One this was for certain during our time back in the states. We were reminded how incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing people to call friends. Seriously -- we love you all and you'd better come for a visit soon.

Our last night in Seattle was really wonderful. We stayed at a beautiful craftsman home (the [un]shack) with our best friends and had enjoyed the finest sushi Seattle could offer. Their home has always been to me what I wish I had in my own family, a real haven of peace and relaxation. The next morning at 0500 we were speeding off to Sea Tac.

So now you know. We’re not independently wealthy (as if you couldn’t tell already). But big props to us for not giving up just yet. Everyday is a gift.

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