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Mico Verde

Useful cruising links:

6/10 (Seattle) Lots of cruising links

More cruiser links

Best Weather on the net (US NAVY)

Hawaii weather fax

Don Andersen's weather links

Old Mico Verde website

¡Versión española!

The world's second greatest cocktail

Cruising Videos


Link to other cruisers' sites:

Bumfuzzled! -- one year from living in Chicago to sailing a circumnavigation.

Billabong -- Chris and KT, born to cruise.

Blue Sky

Fluid Motion


Mystic Rhythms -- a yacht so fine you can easily to yoga on the stern.

Ohana - A fun family on a fast custom cat.

The R Factor -- my dive instructor Keegan's finely fitted yacht.

Skardu -- the lads.

Tournesol - Blindsailing.com -- our inspiration for the second half of the cruise.

Zora -- Caribbean fish killers!

Yacht Daemon -- Stylish New Zealand cruisers

The latest update from Alex on SY Namaste (Project Blue Sphere):

Mico's Mexico Links round-up!


SV Mico Verde