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Mico Verde
About us

Stephanie, aka the first mate

Looking out to sea in Bilbao, Spain

Goofing around in Taha'a, French Polynesia

I have lived in Seattle and its environs for 12 years. When Warren started getting serious about the idea of cruising, despite being a sailing novice, I was more than ready to trade spreadsheets and meetings for weather faxes and brightwork maintenance. And there is definitely a lot more fun to be had. My morning commute may be slow at a maximum speed of 6 mph, but now the journey is the thing.

When on land, you can find me jogging to the sounds of the latest hip hop record or Seattle indie rock band. I have a knack for finding the closest ice cream parlor whenever the temperature is over 75. I’m a voracious reader of any winner of the Booker prize (or, when desperate, pretty much anything that is lying around). Despite having been TV-less for over a year now, I would kill for the complete DVD collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Stephanie and her friend Stan in 2001 near Raiatea, Tahiti-nui

Journal update after one year of cruising:

I would much rather stare at a spreadsheet or go to a meeting than go through varnishing our cap rails again. But actually, I'm enjoying our cruise more than I ever imagined I would. So I guess, if I HAD to choose, I'd pull out the varnish and get to work if it meant I could keep cruising for a while.

I don't jog anymore, mostly because a dinghy ride to shore would just be sooo much trouble. I can still sniff out the closest source of ice cream. I am also still a voracious reader, although sadly, my standards have had to relax considerably. If I could find a book long-listed for the Booker prize I'd be swooning in ecstasy. I absolutely refuse to pick up Patricia Cornwell, however, no matter how desperate I am. As far as DVDs go, I'd pretty much kill for anything not in our small quadruple-viewed library.

email: sparry@gmail.com


Warren, aka El Capitan                       


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A few of our favorite destinations, so far ...


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