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Mico Verde

A few of our favorite destinations

1. Marquesas -- as a first landfall after 3,000 nms these simply can't be beat! All the islands are fantasic but our favorite was Ua Pou in the North. Note that we didn't get a chance to see Fatu Hiva which is the most primitive of all the isles. The next time we stop here we'll wait to clear into the country 'til after we've sailed N from Fatu Hiva. Also, you definately don't need to get a Visa from the French embassy before you arrive. It's easy to do anywhere (incl waiting 'til Tahiti).

2. Suwarrow atoll (N Cooks) - an island paradise between Bora Bora and Samoa. You can really still live like Robinson Crusue if you choose. The best fishing/spearfishing we found and the most wild, big grey sharks. There are only two locals (basically your guides) living on Anchorage island - they'll even clear you in officially to the Cook group. A cruisers' paradise.

3. Vanuatu - Tanna island in the south is a good first stop if you've sailed from Fiji (most accessible, active volcano in the world). Then you can work your way up the chain to the Northern group. We made it as far as Espiritu Santo (biggest isle) but there are many even farther north (E.g. Banks and reef islands). These islands are largely untouched by civilization and the people are wonderful. One could easily spend a year just cruising in these waters.

4. Tuamotus - the best snorkeling we experienced was in Rangiroa. Some tricky reef passes (daylight entries only) and the charting is a bit dodgy but well worth it once you make it inside. We stayed three weeks and would have stayed longer except for the need for fresh water.

If you have to triage places to miss I'd consider giving Tahiti and Les isle sous le vent a pass. They're all beautiful but very expensive and touristy. Sailing into the pass of Bora Bora is a rite of passage, however. Also, we were a bit underwhelmed with Fiji.


SV Mico Verde