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Mico Verde

October 10, 2014

What a year! Work, babies, work, babies ... why are you reading this when you could be sailing the world?


June 11, 2014

MicoVerde.com is now running on Windows Azure!


November 15, 2012

Another year in the rear view mirror. Where does the time go? It's hard to believe that we now been NOT sailing for more than four years. Did you start your own epic voyage, yet? What's stopping you??


November 21, 2011

Wow - another year and another post! Why aren't you sailing more?


November 4, 2010

Hope everyone is doing well and not spending too much time in the engine room and bilges to get out there and actually do some sailing. We still enjoy reading your mails. Live the dream!


April 13, 2008

We've arrived at the beginning of the next Mico adventure - living and working in China. It's been a long two months but we're finally here (happily) and have started putting down some roots.

Earlier risers in the park across the street at 0600

The war room

Rem Koolhaus's CCTV building

The #13 from Tsinghau Science Park

Worker's Stadium

The littlest Beijing'r

A clear day - view from our apt




SV Mico Verde