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Mico Verde

November 23 - 26, 2007

Christmas came early this year for us on Mico Verde. Our best two friends in the universe paid a visit to our little town and much love was shared by all. Here's an excerpt from an email they passed along post-visit (and post-24-hours of travel time back to Seattle):

The beginning of a list of things we will never forget about our trip to Singapore:::::

1. Waking up in Singapore to pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving in the tropics!
2. Seeing the two of you outside our door at the Gallery.
3. Comprehending just how buff and protein-solid Warren is right now. Meow!
4. Bread-only on a weekend, when all the yuppie expats and their Chinese wives brought the crumbsnatchers to dine upon a sweet citrus roll.
5. Bread-only on a weekday, where the cats may not speak Singlish but they still like having their fatty bom boms scratched.
6. Delicious and outrageous Indian snacks in Little India on day 1
7. Mutual disappointment at Mustafa’s: it didn’t like us, we didn’t like it
8. Wakeboarding with Warren until such that every lateral line in my body now screams in pain
9. Warren showing up from a hawker stand with 20 satays that BLEW MY MIND
10. Sweet Lime Juice everywhere
11. Chilling with the Bundesbank at Wine Cellar
12. Chilling with Golden Sachs in a gated Black and White on the Verandah of my tropical dreams
13. Dinner in Chinatown – amazing chicken, fish, fish heads, and curries
14. Rice bowls at Night Safari
16. Mind control of animals at night safari
17. Cab drivers: surfers, philosophers, poets, Singaporeans all
18. Korsar
20. Horrible teowchow food along the river
21. I HEART ADIDAS SHIRTS – Stephanie is a goddess for noticing those!
22. 7-11 in Arab Street featuring Whatever soda
23. Orchard Road lit up at night
24. Seeing you guys every day all day and talking and thinking and just letting our souls be
25. Visiting the pleasure palace at the marina
26. Foot nibbling therapies for ladies feets
27. Warren and I getting a thai “massage”
28. The ACM including the natives of Singapore
29. The Nalanda trail
30. Missing you guys from the Night Safari on back to Seattle
31. Shopping at the Japanese mall
32. Music and German cakes at Stanzi and Kai’s
33. Long long walks along the river
35. “We’re never going back to Arizona”
36. Leave Britney ALONE!
37. Planet Unicorn, Heyyy


SV Mico Verde